Privacy Policy


NOVOTEL MORUMBI provides information on our business to its clients and guests through this website and other webpages. Personal data protection is a matter we deal with daily. Therefore, this privacy policy clearly explains how your personal data are used within our website and in any specific online pages to promote or events and publications (including travel pages and other data input channels). This policy is not applied to websites which are not on under our control or other services embedded to our website. It is important to read this entire Privacy Policy and, in case you disagree with it, we strongly recommend you to not access the website.

Which data are collected?

Data and information collected by Novotel Morumbi vary according to how the user access the website. All information and data collected, or even those directly provided by the holder of personal data, will be treated as confidential, and we will only use it with the means described and/or authorized by you.

With whom does Novotel Morumbi shares your data?

We may develop a wide range of activities with other companies, mainly to functional auxiliary services on the website, and to obtain information on its users. Therefore, we reserve the right to share your information with our partners, whenever possible. We share them anonymously. In no way, we will lend or sell your personal data to any party. Our partners: Novotel Morumbi may share the information collected on its website’s users, and users of other data input channels with its partners e/or employees, who are hired exclusively to provide the websites services. Our business partners are allowed to use personal data with the specific goal determined on the contract. They will have total responsibility of not using the personal data with other goals other than providing services foreseen on the contract. This is authorized by you when you access the website. To safekeep and protect Novotel Morumbi’s rights: Novotel Morumbi reserves the right to access, read, preserve, and provide any data or information on Users, including their interaction, if need to abide by any law or judicial order; to abide by or apply any other deals and/or contracts; or to protect rights, property our safety of Novotel Morumbi, as well as of our employees and/or other users.

How do we use Cookies and Tags?

When users access our website, they insert ‘Cookies’ in their browsers (as: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) to automatically collect personal data (i) for website operation (strictly necessary cookies), and (ii) to obtain embedded information on its users. The website also includes (iii) third parties’ cookies for advertising (advertising cookies). Users may opt out or deactivate Cookies through the web browser configurations, or by installing plug-ins which execute this functionality. However, it may cause determined areas of the website to not work properly. What are Cookies: “Cookies’ are identifiers which are transferred to your browser or device, and inform us how and when the pages and resources on our website were accessed, how many people accessed it, and some other information on your devices. What is a Tag: ‘Tag’ is the generic denomination to parts of code that allows for the user’s data collection within a website, allow the implementation of functions (such as: videos, images, etc.), and allow the use of cookies. This Policy is not applied to the use of Cookies by third parties, and we’re not responsible for their policies and privacy practices.

Users’ rights

The user of the website and other data input channels may opt to not disclose their data, but some of these data may be needed to enjoy some of the Content and Services we provide (such as, subscription to Newsletters, budget requirements, etc.). Regardless, the user of the website and other data input channels will always have the rights concerning privacy, and personal data protection. Maybe, it’s necessary to request specific user’s information to help us confirm your identity and guarantee your right of accessing your personal data (or practicing other rights). This is a safety measure to assure the user’s personal data don’t get disclosed to any individual that may not have the right to access them. We may contact the user and owner of the data to obtain more information on their request, aiming to speed up our answer. We will respond under the deadline stablished by law, and all legitimate requests will be answered within 15 (fifteen) calendar days. In this case, we will notify you and keep you up to date on your request. In case the User has any doubt on how to exert these rights, contact us through our contact page and talk to our Head of Personal Data Protection. Please, right on the Subject text field: ‘Personal Data’.

For how long will data be stored?

We keep personal data of Users of the website and other data input channels just for the necessary period to fulfill the goals for which we collect them, including to oblige to any legal obligations, contract obligations, and for accountability or request of competent authorities. All collected data will be deleted from our servers when the User and/or Owner of Personal Data request so, or when they are no longer needed or relevant for us to provide our Services, unless there are any other reasons to keep them, such as an eventual legal retaining of data, or need to preserve them for Novotel Morumbi’s protection of rights. To determine the adequate retainment period for personal data, we consider the quantity, the nature and the sensibility of the personal data, the potential risk resulting from the non-authorized use of the personal data, or from its disclosure, the purpose of the processing of the personal data, and if we may reach such purposes through other means, and the applicable legal requirements.

How does Information Security works on Novotel Morumbi

NOVOTEL MORUMBI takes all organizational and technical measures to protect personal data of Users of the website and other data input channels, against loss, non-authorized use or other abuses. The data are stored at a sage operational environment, which is not accessible to the general public. We make an effort to protect the privacy of personal data we store, but, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee total security. The non-authorized use of accounts, hardware or software faults, and other factors may compromise the security of your personal data at any point. Therefore, help us keep a safe environment for everybody. Other than embracing good security practices related to your personal data, in case the user find or notice something that may compromise the security of personal data, they must contact us through our contact page, and talk to our Head of Personal Data Protection.

International transfer

NOVOTEL MORUMBI does not directly transfer personal data collected in Brazil to other countries, however, third parties’ services used by us may carry out transfers to other countries. We use third parties’ services that aim to embrace suitable standards regarding privacy and protection of personal data. NOVOTEL MORUMBI’s headquarters is located at Brazil, and the collected data are in compliance with Brazilian law. When accessing or using our services, the user of the website and other data input channels, agrees with the processing and transfer of such data to Brazil, and by and by, to other countries through services provided by third parties. Personal data from Users of the website or other data input channels, when transferred to other countries, may be subjected to local legislation and pertinent ruling.

How to contact Novotel Morumbi

If you believe your personal information were used incompatibly to this Policy, or to the choices you made as holder of such data, or still, if you have any other doubts, comments, or suggestions regarding this Policy, contact our Head of Personal Data Protection through our customer service and our address, listed on this website.

Policy updates

Since we’re always trying to improve our Services, this Policy may be updated, aiming to provide our website Users more safety, convenience, and an even better browsing experience. That’s why we recommend that the User accesses our Privacy Policy periodically, so they may be aware of possible changes. To make it easier, we indicate, in the end of the Policy, the date of the last update. In case of relevant changes that require new authorizations by the Users, we will publish the update and request a new consent.


Last update date: 01/21/2022